Kodagra Sipayi

  • Kodagra Sipayi  film was elected for the International Film Festival Kolkata being held in Kolkata.
  • Military man Biddappa returns his native after retirement. He had parents , wife & children . He thought about using half of his savings on social cause .
    He wanted to open the school where he studied which was closed due to lake of students . He thought about starting home stay business for his further living . His friend Ponnanna helps him in his social work .
    Bidappa starts training youngsters of that village & helps them in joining army. One young boy called Nazir becomes closer to Bidappa . Nazir used to meet Bidappa when he returns from military on leave .
    Bidappa reopens the school with permission. His wife Poovi helps him & Fathima wife of Nazir becomes teacher.
    Once terrorists came to stay in Bidappa's home stay. But he was aware of them. To know what happens when Bidappa & Nazir came to know about the terrorists must read the novel or watch the movie.

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